The Borrowed Land Farmers

Cathy Wheeler

How did a couple of marine biologists begin growing mushrooms? We once enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner prepared from entirely local ingredients: foraged chanterelles, elk, tuna, cattail shoots, and wild greens. It tasted great and made us feel connected to the land. We want to help provide a similar experience for others—great tasting, local food with a story.

Ernie Wheeler


Stella May

Borrowed Land Farm is at the foot of Pilot Mountain in Surry County, North Carolina.

Our sterile fungus lab produces fruiting blocks and spawn, including some strains that we have cloned from local wild specimens.


We provide foraged mushrooms, when in season, at Cobblestone Farmers Market in Winston-Salem.

Borrowed Land Farm is committed to fungi education as we offer consulting advice, school group programs, farm tours, and classes.

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